The Proprietors

Roy and Geraldine Fox moved to Cyprus in October 2005. They live in Agios Georgios with Geraldine's mother and their daughter, Jemma.

In April 2008 they took over The Magic

Teapot in Agios Georgios, a sleepy little 

bar in the middle of nowhere.

In that time they have transformed it 

from that sleepy little bar into a true

hub of the community. It is now a 

friendly, lively venue with regular 

events and activities. 

They work hard and they enjoy every minute!

The Chef 

Pauline is originally from Aberdeen, Scotland. Pauline now lives and works in Cyprus where she is the chef at The Magic Teapot.

While in Scotland, Pauline was the proprietor of a busy wholesale sandwich and catering company before selling and moving on to the locally renowned Boathouse restaurant in Stonehaven. 

Pauline specialises in cooking great food 

from carefully sourced ingredients. Her 

menus at home and at the restaurant are

 an eclectic mix from fine dining to good 

old-fashioned hearty grub.  

The Family Helpers 

Every family business needs some family and The Magic Teapot restaurant has that in abundance.

Roy and Geraldine's daughter, Hannah, is the website creator, kitchen hand and waitress. 

You will often find Jemma, Roy and Geraldine's other daughter, at the bar - on one side or the other - where she can be relied upon for drinking advice or creating you some tasty cocktails. She is also an experienced waitress so will be close to hand in the restaurant.

Their grandson Connor will be quickly trained in all roles to earn his pocket money!

Hopefully Robert - their son - will also visit regularly and help out!